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Question and Answer

Q: Hey Brandi, I have a question since you're an herbalist, what do you suggest for low B12? It's for my husband, he had some test results come back that said it's really low and do his is overall being at this point. Any help/ suggestions are greatly appreciated

A: Hello Cerissa! 
The first thing that I want to discuss is diet. A great source of Vitamin B-12 comes in the these foods, dairy, fish, meat and shell fish. Protein is a vital part of the diet. Other sources are whole cereals, foods that are rich in iron and chlorophyll. Here is a list: carrots, beets, cherries, pomegrante and apple, figs, dates, raisins, honey and mint. The next thing that I wan to talk about is taking a vitamin B, B-12 supplement. It appears that the vitamin come just as B-12, but it also comes as a combination of B vitamins, that seem to work better together than just the one B-12. The complexity of the different B vitamins seem to work better together therefore better for the user. The next is a vitamin B-12 patch if one cannot take or prefers not to take a pill. 
Let's get into the herbs. There are so many herbs it is just plain funny 
Bladderwrack, dandelion, alfalfa, whole oak bark, allspice, bay leaf, basil, dill, caraway, chili powder, cardamom, celery seed, cinnamon, coriander leaf, cloves, cumin, curry, fennel, fenugreek, garlic powder, ginger, mace and majoram, mustard seed, onion powder, oregano, paprika, parsley, black-red or white peppers, poppy seed, pumpkin spice, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme, vinegar and vanilla extract. 
I understand that B-12 is vital to our bodies survival. B-12 keeps nerve cells healthy. For those have low B-12 can develop anemia in the intestinal tract. They may be allergic to Colbat or Cobalamin, therefore they should not take B-12.
There is a warning about Angioplasty. Please seek medical advice in this case. 
You may purchase and number of these herbs from me at any time!
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