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Crown Chakra Tea Bath

The Crown Chakra tea bath gives clarity of mind with the crisp scent of passion flowers and other herbs. $10.00

Throat Chakra Tea Bath

The Throat Chakra tea bath gives way to verbal expression with the romantic scent of Rose, and other rich herbs. $10.00

Third Eye Chakra Tea Bath

The Third Eye Chakra tea bath sharpens your intuition with the spicy scent of Star Anise and sacred spices, leaving a clean freshness. $10.00

It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Sacral Chakra Tea Bath

The Sacral Chakra tea bath supplies you with pleasure and abundance with the bold scent of Rose Hips and other spices. You are left feeling whole. $10.00

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Navel Chakra Tea Bath

The Navel Chakra tea bath delivers strength and stability with the crisp and warm scent of Ginger and other spices. $10.00

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Heart Chakra Tea Bath

The Heart Chakra tea bath guides the path to open your heart with the honey-sweet scent of Valerian Root and special herbs. Feel love!​ $10.00

Root Chakra Tea Bath

The Root Chakra tea bath secures you with the firey scent of Cinnamon and select herbs. You will feel cleansed, balanced and grounded. $10.00


Eye of Fire Tea Bath

Chamomile and other spices plus Mantra included. $12.00​​

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